Web Design

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The Web is Changing

With over 23 percent of internet users on mobile devices web designers can no longer apply the desktop only approach. Mobile internet users are predicted to outnumber desktop users in 2014. The new interweb must be fluid, device independent, and accommodating.

Visual Hierarchies are Key

Visual hierarchies direct a persons attention and are a staple of good design. Web designers have far too often ignored this fact. Bland websites with unprioritized content are the bane of internet users. As a web designer one must create an exciting hierarchy that guides the users attention with position, contrast, and style.

Typography is Essential

The Internet is made of type! Web designers are no longer limited to standard text. With a plethora of new font options available from web font foundries, it has become easier to create a unique style, but more challenging to achieve beautiful results. The proper use of typography is essential to create a beautiful and unique look.